Self-Storage Tips

When you need some extra storage for your belongings, whether your in the middle of a move, downsizing or just needing some extra space, a storage unit is a great and safe way to store your belongings. You drop in to grab an item or two and safely lock up the rest, simple right? But how about getting to those items. As storage units seldom come equipped with storage bins and shelves, it’s no secret that finding those items can be a trying task. To help you store your items safely and make them accessible when you need them, here are few self-storage tips to follow for safe and convenient storage.

Choosing the right storage company

Before deciding on a storage unit, do some research to help you determine which company is best to work with. Are they located nearby? Is there 24-hour access? Do they have the space I need? Ask yourself these questions before determining which company is the best fit. At “B” Secure Self Storage, we can answer these questions for you, YES! We are conveniently located on 6th street in Mountain Home and offer 24-hour self storage access. We have a storage unit to fit any situation, from a standard closet to a 2-car garage, we have the space you need! Visit our self storage page for more information.

Choosing the right space

When deciding on the right unit, don’t just go with the cheapest option, write down the items you will be storing and get an estimate of how much space is needed. By getting an idea of how much space is needed, this will help eliminate the need to stack items to the ceiling to make the fit, allowing you to optimize your space and allow for leg room. At “B” Secure we have the storage for any and all of your needs. Visit our self storage page for a visual layout of our storage units.

Packing for convenience

When you pack your things to go in storage, try to think ahead of items you might need later on and pack accordingly. For example, if storing camping gear and/or winter clothes, store these items in a secured tote or adequately sized box for safe keeping and place near the front of the storage unit. When the winter season hits and you go to retrieve your camping gear or winter clothes, not only will your items be safe from debris, they will be near the front of the unit for easy access.

Label your boxes

Be sure to label each box you store and arrange by necessity. For example, if packing kitchen items and dishes, be sure to wrap these items in bubble wrap or any secure wrapping to ensure safety and store in a high or secured location, away from heavy traffic areas. If storing chemicals, be sure to wrap these items in a flame retardant wrapping to avoid heat exposure which could be a fire hazard.

Don’t store perishables

Avoid storing perishable foods or plants. As foods can spoil and leave a lingering foul odor and plants can attract bugs or rodents, try to store only canned food or non perishables.

At “B” Secure we want to ensure your items are safely protected for the time needed. For more information about our self storage options or to schedule a move, call us today!